After I Get A Full Arch Of Teeth Extracted, Should I Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants?

3d model of a dental implant.

When people have a full arch of severely decayed or infected teeth, then they will want to go get those teeth extracted. After the damaged or infected teeth have been extracted, they will need to be replaced with full mouth dental implants. People will want to replace their extracted teeth with full arch dental implants in the Bronx, NY because they give them a full arch of natural looking and fully functional teeth.

Continue reading to learn more about how, after getting a full arch of teeth extracted, patients should get treated with full mouth dental implants.


Why Should I Replace My Full Arch Of Extracted Teeth With Full Mouth Dental Implants In the Bronx, NY?

After getting their full arch of decayed or infected teeth extracted, patients should consider getting them replaced with full mouth dental implants because they are a gold standard tooth replacement option. Full mouth dental implants are considered to be a gold standard tooth replacement option for the following reasons:

  • Dental functionality is restored so the patient can eat, chew, and speak properly
  • The jawbone is kept stimulated
  • With a full arch of new teeth, patients will feel comfortable showing their smile
  • The dental implant posts give patients a permanent new smile

When people with a full arch of extracted teeth come to the knowledgeable doctor to get treated with full mouth dental implants, they get a personalized procedure. The doctor will first strategically place four dental implants posts in the patient’s jawbone. The patient can then go to a skilled dentist to get their custom-made prosthesis securely placed.

With full mouth dental implants, patients will be able to eat the foods they love, speak without having to worry about their prosthesis slipping out, and be able to smile confidently with their new teeth.


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