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Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Often this is connected to concern about sharp dental instruments or to a previous bad experience while receiving dental care. Our team of three board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, under the guidance of Dr. Marlon Moore, has completed 10,000 dental implant placements and 1,350 sedation/general anesthesia cases with minimal discomfort to our patients. Through years of advanced, hospital-based residency training, we’ve gained the qualifications to administer all levels of sedation for your comfort and peace of mind. We can provide the most potent forms of anesthesia in-office, as appropriate, including general anesthesia in Bronx, NY.

Not all practices can offer these advantages.

The Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

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Our Select Sedation Dentistry Options

This is the strongest form of anesthesia available for surgical treatments. Inhaled through a mask or delivered through an IV line, it renders you completely unconscious for the duration of your procedure, though you technically aren’t asleep. You will not feel any pain nor remember any part of your treatment.

Administered intravenously, IV sedation also puts you in a sleeplike state, though not as deep as general anesthesia. You’re not likely to feel any sensation or be aware your procedure is happening, nor will you remember it afterward.

Nitrous oxide, which you may have heard called “laughing gas,” is a gas that you take into your lungs through a mask during your treatment. Unlike general anesthesia and IV sedation, nitrous oxide will keep you alert and able to respond to any instructions that our surgical team may give you. You’ll stay calm while under nitrous oxide’s effects, which rapidly wear off after we remove your mask.

Local anesthesia is applied topically or injected into the treatment area and numbs only that specific area. Like nitrous oxide, this type of anesthesia doesn’t affect your consciousness.

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