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Saving Your Smile Through Surgical Expertise

Tooth loss can compromise your smile, and not just with those visible gaps. Your jaw is the foundation for your teeth. When you lose teeth, your jawbone loses the stimulation from tooth roots and chewing that keeps it healthy. As a result, the bone underneath those empty sockets can begin to deteriorate, giving your face an unhealthy, sunken appearance. Dental implants are the best way to replace the look and function of missing teeth, but without the bone to support them, you may not qualify. However, we can save your smile with bone grafting in Bronx, NY. Led by Dr. Marlon Moore, our team of three board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons has extensive education and experience in rebuilding smiles from the jawbone to the teeth. Our years of advanced surgical training empower us to provide all the treatments that qualify you for dental implants—and placement of the implants themselves. Bone grafting is a surgical process that enables us to restore that sunken jaw and help you experience the many benefits of implants: carefree smiles, enjoyable meals and conversations, and much greater self-confidence. Isn’t that what you’re really looking for? Here’s a preview of that process …

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Reversing Jawbone Loss

We perform bone grafting surgery in our fully equipped surgical suites and can provide anesthesia that will allow you to sleep painlessly through it. The dental bone graft procedure involves taking a small portion of bone from your body or a donor source and transplanting it to the areas where you’ve lost bone. This graft will eventually join with existing jawbone and reestablish healthy bone volume. Depending on the extent of your treatment, we may be able to place your dental implants during the very same visit!


Featured Bone Grafting Services

If your jawbone deteriorates your face can not only sink, it may lose its unique look. To help you look like you again, we perform ridge augmentation. Here we use bone grafting material to reshape your jawbone and restore it to a healthier condition and appearance.

If you lose bone in your upper jaw, you may experience a further complication not found with lower jaw recession. Your upper jaw provides a support structure for your sinus cavities. When the bone underneath it deteriorates the sinus can collapse. We’ll restore it to its proper position by carefully elevating the sinus floor and placing bone grafting material beneath it.

Hard tissue and soft tissue each heal at their own separate pace following surgery. When adjacent hard tissue and soft tissue such as jawbone and gums are healing simultaneously, they can hinder each other’s improvement. We can intervene by placing a biocompatible mesh in between them to provide a barrier for post-grafting healing. This is known as guided tissue regeneration (GTR). We can also isolate plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) from your own blood and use them to form a protective layer over surgical sites and facilitate tissue regrowth. These advanced healing techniques allow your recovery to be the smooth and natural process it should be.

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