Constant Jaw Pain or Popping?

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Expert-Based Treatment for TMJ Disorders

Jaw discomfort. Headaches. Neck or back pain. Such symptoms may have a single cause. Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), located where your lower jaw connects to your skull, are the hinges that allow you to open and close your mouth. You couldn’t eat or speak without them. Multiple factors can cause TMJ issues. Clenching or grinding your teeth is one. Tooth misalignment is another. Jaw injuries and genetics may also play a role. No matter the reason, you want relief. You’ll find it here at Parkchester Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates, your home for expert-based TMJ treatment in Bronx, NY. Led by Dr. Marlon Moore, our team of board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons has extensive training and experience in treating TMJ problems. This includes a minimum of four years each in a hospital-based surgical residency program. Our board certification ensures that we stay trained on all the latest treatments and techniques. We have the deep understanding of the oral and facial anatomy needed to diagnose and correct the full spectrum of TMJ-related symptoms. If you have any potential symptoms, come to us—the recognized TMJ treatment specialists.

Typical TMJ Symptoms

TMJ Treatments

With the right care, you can eliminate the discomfort and inconvenience of TMJ symptoms from your life. There are many treatments that can help you achieve this:

TMJ treatment may include mouthguards or splints, which we’ll have created specifically to fit you. These are similar to an appliance you might use to protect your teeth and relax your jaws during sports activities. A mouthguard can keep your mouth from moving into a position that puts stress on your jaws. Some of them can be worn either day or night—anytime your jaws are likely to tense up.

Our team can also alleviate your TMJ symptoms through minimally invasive surgery. With temporomandibular joint arthrocentesis, we use one needle to inject a fluid that cleans the joint and another to remove any excess fluid. This treatment can be especially effective in cases of a locked jaw and has other applications as well.

Arthroscopy is a procedure in which a surgeon uses a miniature camera and small instruments to identify and fix jaw joint issues. Should you require this type of treatment, we’ll be happy to recommend a trusted provider to you.

Regain Full, Comfortable Jaw Function!

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