Are Dental Implants A Safe Long-Term Investment?

Dental Implant Patient Playing With Your Niece

When you begin investigating the possibility of receiving dental implants in the Bronx, NY, you will start to hear one word quite a bit. What is the word? Investment.

For instance, many articles on the subject of dental implants refer to them as investments rather than merely one of the most popular types of restorative dentistry treatment. However, this can be confusing and intimidating. After all, most people reserve “investment” for high-ticket items like cars and houses. However, cars and houses do not last a lifetime.

So are dental implants really a good, secure long-term investment from a financial and health perspective? As it turns out, they are. Below are some of the biggest reasons that you can feel safe in choosing dental implants if an oral surgeon says you would be a good candidate for the implant procedure.

Dental Implants Last Decades

A huge advantage to picking dental implants instead of a temporary solution like a bridge or dentures is that implants are designed to last and last. Though you may need to have a replacement crown or overdenture constructed in 10+ years, the implant itself will stay in your gums for a lifetime.

Under normal conditions, dental implants have a very low failure risk. Just take care of them according to an oral surgeon’s instructions. That way, you can get many more “miles” out of your implants than you could with any new or used car!

Dental Implants Protect Your Bones

Many people who have lost teeth are surprised to learn that they are losing bone density, too. Without the tooth root to stimulate the bone, the bone begins to be reabsorbed into the body. This process causes a sunken-in jawline and can lead to further bone loss.

Because dental implants take the place of natural teeth, they keep bone from going through reabsorption. It is comforting to know that thanks to your decision to receive dental implants in the Bronx, NY, your gums will look normal and youthful rather than shrunken.

Dental Implants Restore Most of Your Tooth Function

Without dental implants, you would have to limit what you ate to softer foods. Why? Even if you have dentures, you can only expect about one-fifth of your function to return.

Dental implants are different. They can handle the normal force of biting and chewing. This means you can enjoy all the dishes you love, including the sticky and hard stuff. With dental implants, you never have to worry about passing up nutritious items like crunchy apples, heart-healthy nuts, or seeded bread.

Talk to an Oral Surgeon About Dental Implants in the Bronx, NY!

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