Have You Kept up With Dental Checkups With an Oral Surgeon?

Dental Patient Worried About Going to The Dentists

You might not realize it, but your mouth tells an incredible story. In fact, oral surgeons rely on your teeth, gums and even saliva to provide clues about your wellness. Without regular oral pathology checkups in the Bronx, NY, you may not realize you have important health changes, oral complications, or even systemic issue warning signs.


An Oral Surgeon: Not a Mind Reader, But a Mouth Reader!

When an oral surgeon examines you during any type of checkup, the oral surgeon looks for clues that might indicate problems. The clues could be obvious, as in the case of open sores. Or, they could be subtle, such as gums that seem to be slightly “off” in color. After noting any unusual or uncharacteristic marks or concerns, the oral surgeon may ask you a few follow-up questions.

The questions may seem unrelated to your dental visit, such as, “Are you having any trouble with sore throats that keep coming back no matter what you do?” or, “Have you noticed a difference in your ability to swallow?” However, any variations in your mouth, nose, throat, tongue, face, or jaw matter to an oral surgeon. The more the oral surgeon understands about anything odd or suspicious, no matter how unimportant it may seem, the faster he or she can diagnose a potential health issue or refer you to a specialist.

What Types of Oral Changes Should You Mention to Your Bronx Oral Surgeon?

Without a doubt, your visits to an oral surgeon extend beyond just making sure your dental implants feel great or your bone graft site is healing properly. Many oral surgeons have used their ability to “read” the mouth to help patients get early treatment for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. These can include certain types of oral cancers, diabetes, and even heart disease.

The bottom line? To stay on top of your health, make and maintain your Bronx oral surgeon appointments. Full compliance allows you to find out about potential health snags sooner rather than later.


Listen to Your Mouth: Make an Appointment

If you have just moved to the NYC area, or want to switch to a new local oral surgeon in the Bronx, please contact Parkchester Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery office in Bronx, NY Associates. By calling our doctor, Marlon K. Moore, D.M.D, at (718) 752-7397, you can arrange your next examination and make sure you never miss what your mouth is telling you.

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