I Have Dentures, Can I Get Dental Implants?

Doctor Holding Partial Dentures

Traditional removable dentures can provide fast relief from the problem of missing teeth. However, they may not be the right long-term solution for everyone. If you want a replacement prosthesis that allows you to eat all (or nearly all) the foods you like, fits perfectly without sliding, and looks like your natural teeth, you will want to talk with an oral surgeon about dental implants. Even if you have worn dentures for many years, you can still be a candidate for life-changing implant-supported dentures in the Bronx, NY. 


Comparing Regular Dentures and Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures and implant-supported dentures share some of the same basic characteristics. For instance, they both allow you to resume mouth-related activities like chewing and speaking clearly which may be troublesome without teeth. They also give you a more complete smile again. However, implant-supported dentures offer some advancements that transcend what dentures can provide.

One of the biggest advantages to upgrading to implant-supported dentures in the Bronx, NY, is not worrying about your dentures sliding around. Some implant-supported dentures may be removable, but they attach securely to an implant base. This means they remain stable until you physically take them out. Other implant-supported dentures remain in place all the time. In other words, you never have to take them off.

Another benefit to receiving implant-supported dentures is that the implants help lessen bone loss in the jaw. Bone loss occurs when you lose natural teeth. Implants stimulate the surrounding bone, reducing the impact of bone loss on the look, function, and strength of your jawbone and jawline.

Another Alternative to Implant-Supported Dentures Beyond Dentures

Looking for an even longer-lasting tooth replacement? You may want to talk about full mouth dental implants at your next oral surgeon appointment. Full mouth dental implants are secured by at least four implants. They provide a nearly permanent tooth replacement.

Best of all, right after your implant placement surgery, your oral surgeon will attach a provisional prosthesis or “temporary” to your implants. This allows you to have an immediate smile rather than waiting for a permanent prosthesis. (The permanent prosthesis will be attached a few months later after the implant site heals.)


Smile, Chew, and Laugh With Self-Assurance With Implant-Supported Dentures in the Bronx

If you have dentures and want to talk about viable alternatives, set up an appointment with our doctor, Marlon K. Moore, D.M.D., by calling our office in the Bronx, NY. Our team collectively has placed more than 10,000 implants… and counting! We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our recommendations for full arch dental implants or implant-supported dentures in the Bronx!

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