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If you’ve lost too much jaw bone volume for dental implant placement, there’s still hope! Bone grafting is a crucial step of the implant process in many cases. As [specialty], we’re specifically trained in procedures related to the hard and soft tissues of the face, including the jaw bone, and are equipped to treat complex cases involving extensive bone loss or defects due to missing teeth, disease, or injury. When guided by our expertise and advanced technology, bone grafting is a simple and successful procedure that’ll help you become a candidate for dental implants and other restorative options that can bring your smile back.

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How do we return your smile? With the many benefits you can experience through successful bone grafting:

Jaw Bone

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We can make Dental Implants a reality for you by completing one of these procedures, based on your specific needs:

Bone grafting involves taking bone material from a part of your body or a donor source and using it to build up the proper bone volume back to your jaw so that dental implants can be placed.

If you’ve lost teeth in the upper back portion of your jaw, you may experience the sinus sinking as the bone shrinks. A sinus lift places bone graft material underneath the sinus cavity in order to build up the proper bone volume needed to stabilize your dental implants.

If you’ve suffered severe jaw bone loss you may need more complex measures to restore proper bone levels. A ridge augmentation uses bone grafts to fill out and rebuild the natural contours of your jaw. A smooth jaw line improves dental implant placement and ensures their stability long-term.

If you require extraction, you’ll receive socket preservation treatment, where bone grafting material is placed in the empty tooth socket and covered with a plug or suture. As this area heals after extraction, the bone material will integrate with existing bone and help preserve the necessary bone volume for your future dental implant placement.

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