My Smile Gives Me the Confidence and Opportunity to Be Myself!

Sometimes, patients don’t realize how valuable it can be to partner with an oral surgeon to solve their biggest dental issues. Mr. Hayes, one of our patients at Parkchester Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the Bronx, discovered the importance of working with a medically trained dental practitioner like oral surgeon Dr. Marlon K. Moore.


A Complex Dental Situation

What made Mr. Hayes’ case particularly complicated? For one, several of his front teeth were failing. Under normal circumstances, Dr. Moore would have been able to save those teeth. However, Mr. Hayes’ blood supply was insufficient. As a result, Mr. Hayes was unable to keep his natural teeth.

The obvious solution was to move on toward the placement of dental implants. Yet there was a bigger obstacle preventing that placement: Mr. Hayes simply didn’t have the bone density to support implants. Without enough bone to support them and fuse with them, dental implants can’t handle normal biting and chewing forces.

Though Dr. Moore felt a bone graft was in order, he recognized that with Mr. Hayes’ lack of healthy blood flow that a bone graft wouldn’t work. It was a puzzle—and Dr. Moore solved it by understanding the latest techniques in grafting solutions.


Innovative, Leading-Edge Thinking and Planning to the Rescue

After thinking through Mr. Hayes’ situation, Dr. Moore decided to use Mr. Hayes’ own blood plasma to improve his bone strength. This process isolates plasma-rich growth factors (PrGF) to facilitate tissue regrowth.

Best of all, the procedure could be undertaken during placement surgery. As a result, Mr. Hayes didn’t have to wait for months to have a complete smile.


A Smile Worth Showing Off

No one who met Mr. Hayes today would be able to tell that he has two dental implants in the front of his mouth. All they’d see is a confident individual who laughs easily and shows his personality. Mr. Hayes credits his restored self-assurance to the compassion, problem-solving skills, and expertise of Dr. Moore.


How Can an Oral Surgeon in The Bronx Help You?

Perhaps you can relate to Mr. Hayes’ frustration at having smile gaps or not wanting to show off his teeth. Rather than accept your circumstances, consider calling an oral surgeon like Dr. Moore.

Some of the most common services offered at our practice include:

Oral surgeons have the capability to handle even the most complex of patient treatments thanks to their unique education that includes a blend of medicine and dentistry.


Nothing should get in the way of you having a healthier, beautiful smile that makes you feel proud and happy. To speak with Dr. Moore, please contact our office in the Bronx, NY at (718) 752-7397!

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