Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants!

a dental patient posing with a dental implant model while pointing at her smiling mouth

Smile gaps can be more than just frustrating. In a world of social media, virtual meetings, and video chats, having missing teeth can make people feel less confident in professional and social situations. Plus, the more teeth one loses, the more bone density one will lose, too. However, the inconvenience of missing teeth can be resolved by opting for dental implants in The Bronx, NY.


Dental Implants as a Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, which means they are designed to last for the rest of a patients life with proper care. An implant may support a single dental implant or, along with other implants, support a customized denture or bridge appliance. Either way, a dental implant can take the place of a natural tooth root.

Since dental implants are a one-time fix, they take away the need to continuously return to dental providers for missing tooth treatments. It is not uncommon for patients who visit an oral surgeon to discuss dental implants in The Bronx, NY, to talk about the many treatments they have tried before. These may include bridges, dental “flippers,” or removable full-arch dentures. So why are they ready for dental implants? Dental implants help them permanently get back their smiles effectively and safely.

How Many Teeth Can You Replace With Dental Implants in The Bronx, NY?

Some people have only one missing tooth. Others have a few missing teeth scattered throughout their mouths. Still others have no teeth at all in their upper or lower arches, or in both arches. Regardless of the amount of teeth missing, patients can always find a dental implant option that suits them.

For instance, a single dental implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth. As long as there is enough bone strength to support the implant, patients should be able to regain full functionality and appearance with a single implant. If there is not enough bone density at the site of a missing tooth, an oral surgeon will speak to the patient about the long-term benefits of bone grafting.

What if there are missing teeth or the patient is currently relying on traditional dentures? Patients can still get dental implants. Rather than replacing every individual missing tooth with a single implant, an oral surgeon will precisely position several dental implants in the mouth. The implants will be angled to help support a special denture. Patients can choose if they want a fixed or removable denture. If the patient decides that a fixed denture best suits their lifestyle, they never have to take it out. It can just be kept clean by brushing normally.


Discover the Dental Implant Treatment That Will Regain Your Smile

Wondering if you can ever have a complete smile again? Dental implants make it possible in the Bronx, NY!

Find out which type of dental implant will help you achieve your dental health, wellness, and aesthetic goals. Get in contact with Dr. Marlon K. Moore  by coming to our Parkchester Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery facility to schedule an appointment today.

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