The Top Three Things To Ask Your Dentist About Dental Implants!

Dr. Marlon Moore Educating A Dental Patient About Dental Implants

Are you contemplating the benefits of dental implants as permanent replacements for one or more missing teeth? You will want to ask your oral surgeon plenty of questions during your first examination to determine your candidacy for this procedure. Below are three of the biggest things to find out about dental implants from a Bronx dental provider.

Question #1: Is the Dental Implant Process Painful?

Dental implant placement requires surgery but a well-trained oral surgeon and team will always keep you as comfortable as possible. This includes placing you under safe “twilight” sedation during the implant surgery and helping you keep any post-surgical discomfort to a minimum.

It is understandable to worry about the way your mouth might feel after receiving dental implants in the Bronx. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that an appropriately knowledgeable and certified oral surgeon will want you to remember the experience as a nearly pain-free process.

Question #2: How Affordable Are Dental Implants in the Bronx?

Like any major improvement to your health, you can expect to pay for your dental implants. Sometimes, dental or healthcare insurance may pay for a portion of your implant procedure depending upon your situation and provider. However, the majority of patients can expect to pay something.

The good news is that there are plenty of financial options available to cover the full cost of dental implants. These can include third-party financing arrangements as well as affordable monthly payments designed around your budget.

Question #3: How Long Does It Take to Receive Dental Implants?

Every patient case is unique, which means the time it takes you to receive your dental implants may vary from the time it takes someone else. What factors are involved? First is the quality of your bone. Some mouths heal faster than others, which means the dental implant becomes stabilized sooner.

With the help of high-tech tools, world-class oral surgeons like Dr. Marlon K. Moore can test implants during placement to get a better understanding of how long it will take them to fully osseointegrate into the surrounding bone. Usually, though, you can expect to wait a few months before your implants can support their maximum load level.

Get the Benefits of Dental Implants for Yourself

Now that your top three questions about dental implants have been answered, you may be eager to learn more. So why not get the facts from an actual dental implant patient?

One of our office’s patients came in with questions like yours. At the same time, she knew she didn’t want to have a missing tooth. She ended up talking about all her options, including the placement of a three-unit bridge. But she didn’t like the idea of modifying the two adjacent healthy teeth. What she did like, though, was the idea of an implant.

What were some of the advantages that she appreciated about replacing her missing tooth with a permanent dental implant?

  • It is easier to keep your mouth clean and sanitized when you replace a missing tooth with an implant.
  • You get the functionality and appearance of a real tooth that looks like it was always part of your mouth.
  • You feel more confident when taking pictures.
  • It is simple to care for a dental implant so that it lasts for decades.

Lost One Tooth or Several Teeth? Replace Them With Dental Implants in the Bronx!

With so many advancements in dentistry, you never have to live without a full set of functioning teeth or tooth replacements. No matter how many questions you have about getting dental implants in the Bronx, our team is ready to put your mind at ease.

Set up an appointment today with our doctor, Marlon K. Moore, DMD by calling our office in the Bronx, NY at (718) 518-1776. Your brand new smile could happen sooner than you thought!

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