Top 3 Wisdom Teeth Removal Questions to Ask

Dr Marlon Moore Showing A Dental Patient Their Oral CT Scan

Are your wisdom teeth just coming in or have they been partially erupting for years? Do you have a preteen or teen child whose wisdom teeth are becoming an issue? You may want to find out if you or your loved one could benefit from wisdom teeth extraction in the Bronx, NY.

Though it may seem worrisome to undergo a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal is a safe, comfortable process. When handled by an experienced oral surgeon, the process is relatively fast and as painless as possible.

Still not sure whether to pursue wisdom tooth removal? Then make an appointment with a trusted oral surgeon and ask the following three questions. The answers will help you figure out if wisdom teeth removal is the right choice for your or your child’s situation.

1. Why Should I Consider Removing My Wisdom Teeth?

You might be surprised at how many people forget to ask this major question during consultations with the oral surgeon they have been referred to see. You can expect an honest answer to your inquiry. A major reason for wisdom teeth extraction is that you are having wisdom tooth pain.

Wisdom tooth pain can be acute or chronic. It may arise from an impacted wisdom tooth that cannot fully erupt through the gum. Or the wisdom tooth may be damaged or decaying. If a wisdom tooth is pushing on adjacent teeth, the pushing could lead to discomfort.

Another reason for a referral to an oral surgeon for wisdom tooth removal is in advance of orthodontic work. Orthodontists and dentists frequently recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth removed to make getting a beautiful smile easier.

2. How Can I Make Sure My Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Comfortable?

Today, oral surgeons have many options at their fingertips to make sure you have only minimal swelling and discomfort for the few days following a tooth extraction. This includes proper, safe administration of local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, IV sedation, and/or general anesthesia.

Of course, you can help make sure that your wisdom teeth extraction in The Bronx, NY, is as pain-free as possible by following after-surgery instructions. The closer you follow the instructions, the less likely you will be to experience complications.

3. Why Are You the Right Oral Surgeon for My Wisdom Teeth Removal?

This question allows you to learn more about the oral surgeon who may be removing your wisdom teeth. Ideally, you want to hear that the oral surgeon has been in practice for a substantial amount of time.

Feel free to ask about the number of tooth extractions, including emergency ones, the oral surgeon does regularly. Understanding the education, training, and expertise of the oral surgeon will help you feel better about moving forward with a needed procedure.

Talk to an Oral Surgeon in The Bronx About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hearing that you need wisdom tooth removal can leave you feeling confused. Get your questions answered fast by making an appointment with Dr. Marlon K. Moore, the leading oral surgeon at Parkchester Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates in the Bronx, NY.

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