What Is A Sinus Lift And Why Would I Need One?

a visualization of a sinus lift on an upper arch

Have you ever had a sinus headache or sinus infection? Then you probably already know that the sinuses sit right above your upper jaw, adjacent to your nose. What you might not realize is that an oral surgeon can maneuver your sinuses. 

This process is called a sinus lift and can be necessary before receiving dental implants. Therefore, you should know a little more about what it means to get a sinus lift in The Bronx, NY, if you are preparing for an upcoming dental implant consultation.

Some Basic Facts About Sinus Lifts

Maybe you are familiar with bone grafts, where bone or bone-like material is added to the existing bone to make the bone stronger. A sinus lift is a specialized type of bone graft that is only performed in the upper part of your mouth.

During a sinus lift, a highly trained oral surgeon will carefully move back the tissue of the palate to reveal the bone between your mouth and your sinus. The oral surgeon will then cut a small round piece of the bone and gently push it upward into the sinus cavity. As the sinus membrane moves out of the way, the bone rises upward. This leaves a small hole in the palate which the oral surgeon will fill with a preferred type of bone grafting material, such as bone from your body or a donor source.

After suturing the site, the oral surgeon will send you home with instructions on how to protect your sinus lift from infection or other problems. Within about six months, the bone in your upper jaw will be strong enough to support the dental implants you need.

Why Would Someone Need a Sinus Lift, Though?

Sinus lifts add more bone density to your upper jaw area. Some of the biggest reasons that oral surgeons will need to perform sinus lifts before they can place dental implants include:

  • Lost bone strength in the upper jaw can be due to tooth loss, gum disease, cancer, or another condition.
  • The sinuses are very large and the oral surgeon must add more bone to the upper jaw to serve as a foundation for dental implants.
  • For successful dental implant surgery, oral surgeons will add more bone to your body through a sinus lift in The Bronx, NY.


Could You Require a Sinus Lift in The Bronx, NY?

Only a knowledgeable oral surgeon like Dr. Marlon Moore can help you decide if you would benefit from undergoing a safe, effective, and comfortable sinus lift procedure before receiving dental implants.

To start your journey to a more beautiful, healthier smile, schedule an appointment at Parkchester Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Our team has placed more than 50,000 implants and has the expertise to figure out if a sinus lift is necessary for you to achieve your dental goals.

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