What Is the Difference Between Wisdom Tooth Extraction Versus Other Tooth Extractions?

image of a dentist pointing at a patients dental X-Ray for a wisdom tooth extraction

Tooth pain can prevent people from eating, sleeping, or being able to concentrate properly. Pain causing teeth that are beyond getting saved by other sorts of dental treatments, need to be extracted. Dental tooth extractions can be categorized as either simple or complex, like wisdom tooth extractions, in the Bronx, NY.  

Wisdom Tooth And Simple Tooth Extractions: The Differences

A simple tooth extraction normally occurs when the tooth is easy to see. For instance, picture a fully erupted canine that has been badly decayed or damaged beyond repair. Most of the tooth structure is visible, making it simple to spot and grab with dental tools, like forceps, after the tooth has been loosened.

Complex tooth extractions, like wisdom tooth removal in the Bronx, NY, usually involves a more complicated set of procedures. Frequently, the tooth is deeply embedded in the gums and may only be partially visible. This means that an oral surgeon has to first expose the wisdom tooth and then determine how best to remove it. In many wisdom tooth surgeries, this means breaking up the tooth into several pieces for easier transfer out of the mouth.

Wisdom Tooth And Simple Tooth Extractions: The Similarities

Despite their differences, all tooth extractions share a few commonalities. The first is that a patient’s comfort remains the highest priority. No matter what type of tooth removal patients undergo, they can expect the oral surgeon to use an anesthetic. In the case of a wisdom tooth extraction, patients may require general anesthesia and IV sedation.

Additionally, patients will need to follow at-home care instructions regardless of their tooth removal. Proper care promotes healthy healing and ensures that the gums and bone recover quicker. Plus, if patients are moving forward with dental implant placement to replace their extracted tooth, the sooner the site heals, the faster they can get their new implant.

Wisdom Tooth Vs Molar Extractions

Although wisdom teeth are third molars, removing them can require a surgical approach. This is why so many people turn to oral surgeons instead of general dentists to extract impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth.

In general, other molars will likely erupted normally. Therefore, if one or more of them needs to be extracted, the procedure will be more streamlined and less complicated. This is why dental professionals will refer to regular molar extractions as “simple” extractions. Certainly, they can involve more complexity depending upon each situation. Nevertheless, they are deemed “simple” because they are not as involved as wisdom tooth extractions usually are.

Not surprisingly, then, wisdom tooth extractions are frequently labeled as “surgical” extractions. Rather than simple extractions, they require a surgical touch. Oral surgeons are well-equipped to handle both simple and surgical extractions.

Sometimes, what seems to be a simple procedure turns into a more involved one. In that case, patients may want someone with an oral surgeons’ extra years of medical training to make the best possible decisions regarding patients’ mouths.

Other Considerations Regarding Wisdom Tooth Extractions In The Bronx, NY

Still wondering where to get wisdom tooth extractions in The Bronx, NY? Be sure to keep some key points in mind:

The process of getting oral surgeons in the Bronx, NY, should be started sooner rather than later.

Impacted, painful, or crowded wisdom teeth will not resolve themselves. Only a wisdom tooth extraction can relieve patients of their discomfort, releasing their teeth from feeling the force of impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Patients do not need to worry about lasting pain.

Modern sedation dentistry allows oral surgeons to perform wisdom tooth extractions that are comfortable and relaxing. In most circumstances, doctors use local anesthesia and nitrous oxide as sedatives to reduce patients’ stress. IV sedation or general anesthesia may be used, depending upon each patient’s case. Expect some swelling and tenderness during the days following the extraction. However, this reaction will go away if patients follow their post-extraction instructions.

Patients can be certain that if they choose our Bronx, NY, location for their wisdom tooth extraction, they are getting a quality experience.

Our office has performed more than 2,800 tooth extractions over the years. We are experts in handling all types of wisdom tooth cases, including complex ones that deserve a surgical approach. Consequently, our patient results are predictable.

It Is Time For Wisdom Tooth Removal In The Bronx, NY

Dr. Moore has performed nearly 3,000 successful wisdom tooth removal procedures at our comfortable, modern facility.

There is no need to wait for years to talk with an oral surgeon about wisdom tooth extraction. Instead, come see Dr. Marlon K. Moore at our Parkchester Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates office and schedule an appointment with us, today!

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