Why Consider a Full Arch Reconstruction?

Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration

The mouth is a complete system. That means when you lose one tooth, you may be at risk of losing others. Many people who end up losing all or most of the teeth in the upper or lower arch thought very little about losing their first tooth. However, plenty of adults end up wishing they could turn back the clock and have a full set of teeth again. This may not be possible, but they could still be candidates for a full arch reconstruction in the Bronx, NY.

The Advantages of a Full Arch or Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full arch reconstruction involves restoring the function of your lower or upper jaw. For instance, if you have lost all the teeth in your upper jaw, you would want to speak with an oral surgeon about a full arch reconstruction treatment to replace your missing teeth with a lifelike prosthesis made of a substance like zirconia. If you were completely edentulous, or without teeth, you would probably want to discuss a full mouth reconstruction which involves both replacing arches.

How can an oral surgeon give you back the function and aesthetics you have lost? The oral surgeon will use high-tech digital tools and diagnostics to make a chart of your mouth. As long as you have enough bone to support dental implants, the oral surgeon will determine how many implants you need and where they should be placed. The implants will serve as supports for a removable overdenture, or other removable or fixed denture prosthesis. Because the prosthesis will be held in place with the implants, it can withstand normal biting and chewing forces.

Does a Full Arch Reconstruction Look and Feel Natural?

As with any treatment or procedure, you may take some time to get accustomed to your new full arch reconstruction in the Bronx, NY. This is especially true if you are unaccustomed to being able to smile widely or eat all the foods you crave. However, you will find that soon, your replacement prosthesis becomes part of who you are.

One of our full mouth reconstruction success story patients likes to joke that he can now have carrot eating “contests” with his granddaughter. Like so many people, he was missing many teeth. Additionally, the teeth he had remaining were failing. Even though he did not have much bone in one part of his mouth, we were able to place an All-on-4 denture prosthesis. After wearing a provisional, or temporary, prosthesis for a few months, he received a permanent one.

For him, choosing a full arch reconstruction solution was more than practical. It changed his life, his appearance, and his ability to enjoy every day a little more.

Could You Receive a Full Mouth or Full Arch Reconstruction Surgery?

Do you have full dentures? A lot of missing teeth? A mixture of missing and failing teeth? Contact Parkchester Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to set up an appointment with oral surgeon, Dr. Marlon K. Moore. Dr. Moore has placed more than 10,000 implants—and counting! He and the whole friendly team would be happy to consider your case.

Call (718) 752-7397 to take the first step toward achieving a more complete, rewarding smile by scheduling a consultation in our office in the Bronx, NY!

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