Why You Should Get Wisdom Tooth Extractions In The Bronx, NY

a dental patient during an appointment in pain, talking to his oral surgeon about a wisdom tooth extraction

One of the rites of passage of moving from teens to adulthood is the eruption of the third molars. Typically known as “wisdom teeth,” the third molars are located in the far back of the mouth. However, many people have barely any room left for their wisdom teeth. As a result, the teeth may have trouble coming in, which is why so many people work with an oral surgeon to get their wisdom teeth extracted in the Bronx, NY.

Why choose a trusted expert oral surgeon? There are several key reasons why.


Oral Surgeons Can Handle Complex Surgical Situations

Oral surgeons go to dental school just like general dentists. They study everything needed to go right into dentistry. But rather than practicing immediately, oral surgeons stay in school for several extra years. During those years, they learn more about medicine and surgical procedures.

This extra training makes oral surgeons able to handle the complexities of wisdom teeth removal. Often, wisdom teeth may be impacted and need special care when removed to avoid causing damage to the nerves, tissues, bone, or surrounding teeth. Oral surgeons understand this and have the expertise, experience, and equipment to make the best possible decisions for their patients.

Oral Surgeons Perform Wisdom Teeth Extractions Regularly

The removal of wisdom teeth happens at many oral surgery practices on an almost daily basis. For instance, a surgeon team in the Bronx, NY has performed more than 2,800 tooth extractions  and has removed more than 1,600 teeth that were impacted.

As it can be imagined, the more times wisdom teeth extractions are performed, the better the doctor gets at performing them. Though every case is treated as unique, an oral surgeon in the Bronx, NY who has seen a lot of wisdom tooth complications is better able to recommend the most conservative, proven solutions.

Oral Surgeons Stay On The Leading Edge Of Wisdom Teeth Extraction Technology

No matter what industry people are in, they can be sure that technology has enabled some improvements. The dental industry is no different. Oral surgeons now have software, tools, and protocols that make it simpler and safer than ever to extract patients’ wisdom teeth.

If a patient wants the finest care, they deserve to get their wisdom teeth diagnosed and removed by oral surgeons like Dr. Moore who value and embrace advanced technologies. For instance, a dental office in the Bronx, NY offers anesthesia dentistry options to allow patients to get their wisdom teeth extracted as comfortably and predictably as possible.


Ready To Work With An Oral Surgeon In The Bronx, NY?

There is no need to live with the swelling, pain, or crowding of wisdom teeth that have little room to move. Get in contact with Dr. Marlon Moore and our excellent team at our Parkchester Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates office to schedule an appointment with us today! We will expertly remove your wisdom teeth or your child’s wisdom teeth.

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