Why You Should Get Wisdom Tooth Extractions In The Bronx, NY

a dental patient during an appointment in pain, talking to his oral surgeon about a wisdom tooth extractionOne of the rites of passage of moving from teens to adulthood is the eruption of the third molars. Typically known as “wisdom teeth,” the third molars are located in the far back of the mouth. However, many people have barely any room left for their wisdom teeth. As a result, the teeth may have […]

What Is The Process To Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted In The Bronx, NY?

dental xray showing impacted wisdom teethAre your wisdom teeth causing you more trouble than you thought? You may want to learn more about the steps needed to get wisdom tooth extractions in The Bronx, NY. Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common types of treatments available from board-certified oral surgeons. When handled by an expert, it’s a quick, […]

What Is the Difference Between Wisdom Tooth Extraction Versus Other Tooth Extractions?

image of a dentist pointing at a patients dental X-Ray for a wisdom tooth extractionTooth pain can prevent people from eating, sleeping, or being able to concentrate properly. Pain causing teeth that are beyond getting saved by other sorts of dental treatments, need to be extracted. Dental tooth extractions can be categorized as either simple or complex, like wisdom tooth extractions, in the Bronx, NY.   Wisdom Tooth And Simple […]